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張騰遠 CHANG Teng Yuan: The words of painting


Size: B5 (w257 x h182 mm)
Page: 16 pages

The Date of Issue: 2018.7.7
Text: 張騰遠 CHANG Teng Yuan
Translation: Amelia Chien (Galerie Grand Siècle), 三原圭子 Keiko Mihara (株式会社ノマル)
Editing: 株式会社ノマル Nomart, Inc.
Art Direction: 林聡 Satoshi Hayashi (株式会社ノマル)
Design: 笹岡克彦 Katsuhiko Sasaoka (株式会社ノマル)
In cooperation with Galerie Grand Siècle
Publisher: ノマルエディション Nomart Editions

Chang Teng-Yuan、ギャラリーノマルでの2度目の個展「The words of painting」

Artist Statement / 張騰遠 Chang Teng-Yuan

Information, Connection, Operation, Relation, Love

これらの5つの言葉は、同時に複数の側面を持ちながら、私の創造において絶えず付いて回る重要な要素である。 それらは制作のプロセスのひとつ、または作品における特徴、もしくはコンセプトを伝える手段であったりする。もし創造活動を旅と捉えるならば、これらの言葉は霧の中で私を適切な方向へと導き、進むべき道を示すコンパスのような存在である。


These five words are the key factors that are continuously revolving around in my creation while carrying multiple aspects at the same time. It can be a step in the process of the art, a feature of the work or even a way to convey the concept. What's more, if the creation is a journey, these five words are the compass in my travel helping me to identify the appropriate direction in the land of mist, making it possible to create my route.

In this solo exhibition, I will look upon these five keywords as my main idea to present several paintings and prints. The juxtaposition of two types, for me, is like two face-to-face mirrors reflect the forms and content of each other while persistent conversation extends the possibilities of interpretation indefinitely.