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Parameter #3 - B,1600, 900, 800, 450,1500, 6500
版画 (unique print)


定価 800,000円(税込864,000円)


Artist: 名和晃平 / Kohei Nawa
Title: Parameter #3 - B,1600, 900, 800, 450,1500, 6500

Material: pigment print on paper, acrylic, wooden panel
Size: 90 x 160 cm *direction variable
Edition: 18 *unique edition
Year: 2016

※ 木製パネルにマウント済み / Mounted on wooden panel




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The collaboration works named "Parameter" series made by Kohei Nawa and Nomart.
The artworks are drawn by piles of very thin lines which are glossy and raised that make a variety of appearances depending on a viewing angle. The lines were formed on computer graphics according to the directions, area and numbers that were set up by artist. When you face this artwork, you can perceive the depth and floating feeling.
This series has 18 editions each, however, there is no same image because it is made by computer programming according to defined parameter each time.

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